COLUMBIA, Ala. (WDHN) — Columbia Fire and Rescue began their search for the body of a Columbia man after receiving a call Sunday night about a boat being overturned on a small pond near the Chattahoochee River.

When first responders arrived at the scene, all that was found was a tackle box and life jacket on the shore, no sign of a man or his boat.

“No one was able to locate the subject at that time,” Columbia Fire and Rescue Chief, Daniel Forrester said. “We’ve still not had anyone able to locate him. We are searching the pond. We have multiple resources out here including Houston County Rescue. We had aircraft in the air searching with a FLIR camera light last night making sure he wasn’t around the pond or anything like that.”

With no luck in locating the man, the search continued.

“Last night we had divers go down and grid search the floor of the pond and they were unable to locate anything last night,” Forrester said. “So we’ve got some sonar systems on the water today, and we’ve got some divers getting ready to go in and try again.”

After finding suspicious activity on the sonar system, a diver went down to investigate, that’s when a boat was found and then a body, whose identity is unconfirmed.

Family members on the scene confirmed that the found boat belonged to the man they were searching for and were devastated to see a body found.

The family says their loved one frequently came to that area to fish but were surprised he came alone Sunday afternoon.

This is still an ongoing investigation, so stick with WDHN for the latest updates.