DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Just this year, more than two million American high school and middle school students reported using e-cigarettes, according to the CDC.

In Dothan, schools are seeing more and more students vaping. This pushed Carver 9th Grade Academy to do something about it.

“We wanted to have a preventive measure to get in the correct information for students to see how harmful this is for you,” Carver 9th Grade Academy Principal, Todd Mitchell said.

Carver’s principal reached out to the 334 Prevention Program, a nonprofit organization in Dothan that works to prevent substance abuse.

Their goal here at Carver is to not only teach students how harmful vaping can be, but also to debunk the myths.

“Many of these students are tricked into believing that vaping nicotine is going to reduce stress, reduce their anxiety,” 334 Prevention Community Outreach Coordinator, Julie Dobbs said. “But anybody who knows how a stimulate works, knows that’s the complete opposite of what a stimulate does.”

Researchers say high school students are likely more knowledgeable about vaping and its effects than most adults, but this anti-vaping program is meant to give students a safe space to ask the questions that may be burning in their minds in hopes of seeing a change.

“A changed mind, a changed heart, a changed behavior because our students are very easy to say yes to some of these things,” Mitchell said. “We want them to have the information so that they can say no.”

Even though many students consider vaping a safer option than smoking cigarettes, nicotine is still the primary ingredient in both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

This means it’s not only another way to create an addiction, it’s also a health hazard for your heart and lungs.