GORDON, Ala. (WDHN) — Even though Chattahoochee State Park is overgrown now, the Houston County Commission hopes to have the locks off of the gate and the doors back open in as little as two years.

“Now that the governor is putting a lot of money back into the state parks, were hoping that will help be a contributing factor to help us do some things that we want to do here in Houston County,” Houston County Commissioner for District 2, Doug Sinquefield said.

Sinquefield says community members have been asking him for years when the park will re-open and even why it has taken so long.

“Enormous amount of damage, trees were down. It was just not safe for anyone to be on that property,” Sinquefield said.

The coronavirus pandemic delayed the cleanup needed after Hurricane Michael.

“A lot of the state parks during the COVID time were overlooked as far as the maintenance on them, people were not there to take care of them,” Sinquefield said.

Alabama State Parks has since cut timber from the land, which has allowed the local Alabama Forestry Department to survey the land, clear roads and make the park safe for citizens.

“It is going to be a long process and take a while to get all of this done so we can really start moving in the park, doing things and making sure it is safe for us to do that,” Sinquefield said.

The Houston County Commission hopes to bring back what use to make the park great, and add even more on top of that.

“Arts and crafts, people wanted to fish and swim in the lake, music events, camping, food vendors, skeet shooting, a horse riding trail,” Sinquefield said.