ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Six years ago this week, Elba residents were forced to watch as excessive rain poured into nearby water systems, the pea river would swell outside its banks.

The great 2015 Elba Christmas flood marked the third highest crest the city has ever recorded. The pea river crested at 41.42 feet, causing high water in several housing subdivisions.

Fortunately, the concrete levee installed in the early-2000’s prevented flood waters from covering downtown. An occurrence that took place three separate times during the 1990’s.

Elba Mayor Tom Maddox says through FEMA mitigation, a number of the homes in the flood zone have been bought and leveled, or moved to higher land

“Elba has been known for flooding, “Mayor Tom Maddox said. “But the things that we’ve done in recent years have certainly helped in that situation, we’re moving forward, we’re not going to live in the past.”

Now six years later following the great flood of 2015, FEMA continues to purchase and remove or relocate homes and other structures in the flood zone.