DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — City commissioners are on edge and calling for more efforts to curb gun violence after two deadly shootings just days apart in Dothan.

“It’s still sad and shocking regardless of when the last time it happened and how many times it happened,” Mayor Mark Saliba said.

The most recent deadly shooting took place during a public event where thousands gathered at the National Peanut Festival parade on Main Street in downtown Dothan.

Shots rang out after a fight among a group of young people — one person was killed and the other person was injured.

The shooting left many residents feeling uneasy as some were afraid to be downtown or even go to the festival that day.

“It was an altercation that took place at a public setting on the fringes thankfully and not pointed at a school or crowd it was between 2 or 3 people and it can happen anywhere,” Mayor Saliba said.

Another shooting that had city leaders on edge was the shooting on Miles Lane just two days before — law enforcement found Samuel Gray lying dead in the roadway.

“It was about 15 yards from my mother’s house real near and dear to me but just working with law enforcement on how to get a grip on things,” Commissioner Kevin Dorsey said.

Both Mayor Saliba and Commissioner Dorsey believe the root of the problem seems to come from the youth and it’s going to take a village to get a grip on the younger generation.

They hope to have more crime and drug prevention programs in schools.

“I think a lot of time when they haven’t been exposed to the education it’s senseless,” Dorsey said. “When I asked my son he said it was kids there and a lot has to do with what they are influenced by and what they see.”

Mayor Mark Saliba says they will continue working diligently with law enforcement on new tactics that will help alleviate crime, especially during public events.