TAYLOR, Ala. (WDHN) — Voting for the 2020 primaries is approaching, and there have been a few changes to voting polls around the wiregrass.

The Houston County Probate Judge’s Office has evaluated the precinct to determine how efficient a location is for the voters.

The most recent change was approved at Monday afternoon’s commission meeting.

For the 2020 primary and runoff election, the polling place at Taylor City Hall has temporarily moved to the Taylor Senior Center.

“We’re always looking for facilities that are convenient and conducive for voting,” Houston County Probate Judge Patrick Davenport said. “In that area, they’re not a lot of available facilities, but fortunately right next door, essentially in the same parking lot, is the senior center. So, it’s a great facility, and a great location to make this temporary change.”

Davenport said they anticipate returning to the city hall for the November general election.