NEW BROCKTON, Ala., (WDHN)—Coffee County EMA Director James Brown who provided guidance in the Florida Panhandle following “Hurricane Michael” now may be asked to do the same for those affected by Ian.

The Air Force “retiree” helped in 2018 with planning and moving supplies from Alabama into the
storm-ravaged communities in Northwest Florida.

Brown has been informed he may get the call to use his expertise in getting supplies to the
affected areas of Southwest Florida.

Supply lines are long, and it takes a great deal of planning and coordination to get those supplies
To the people in need.

If he “Is” asked to head to Florida, he says will join other ema officials from not only Alabama but also nationwide to coordinate supplies where they are needed most.

At this time, Brown says it’s business as usual for him in Coffee County unless he gets marching orders to
assist in Southwest Florida with their EOC or Emergency Operations Center.