COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — One Wiregrass county is on the verge of producing energy for not only Alabama and the U.S. but also globally.

Methane gas is a naturally occurring by-product of the landfill process. The gas is normally burnt off in the atmosphere.

Advances in technology, now allow it to be captured, cleaned, and converted into natural gas.

Coffee County officials say an out-of-state company would like to install equipment where the gas can be piped to a distribution point and then sold, which could help supply needed energy and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for Coffee County.

“Right now we’re collecting the gas it’s flared off,” County Administrator, Rod Morgan said. “This project will allow us to reuse and put it in a pipeline and be used as natural gas. One it will go to reuse and two produce some revenue for the county also.”

“Economics plays into the development of these projects and the technology has been there, it’s really the cost of the gas that’s driving these projects at this particular point and time,” Coffee County Environmental Services Director, Mike Thorton said.

Local officials believe the landfill is still at least a year to a year and a half before the methane gas can be harnessed at the landfill.