COFFEE CO., Ala. (WDHN)—A Birmingham-based energy consulting firm “thanked” the Coffee County Commission
for “saving” taxpayer dollars savings “beyond” six-figures.

WDHN’s Mike Gurspan with more on the story.

Schneider electric representatives “thanked” the commissioners
following their recommendations.

By changing from traditional to led lightbulbs, more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems in its buildings,
and other “energy savings” measures have saved the county a million dollars.

Schneider signed a contract with Coffee County in 2016.

Schneider Electric’s Madalena Dewitt says “the efficiency of those buildings and those dollars went toward this project. So essentially you’re getting new things essentially in money allocated in the budget.”

The infrastructure changes have taken place in all of the county’s buildings and other

Coffee County Administrator, Rod Morgan, says “this is a 20-year project and we expected to save money over time, but certainly not as quickly as we have.”

Mike Gurspan says “Coffee County Commission Chairman Dean Smith says that million dollars in savings really goes back to the taxpayers here in the county.”

Smith, says “we have been able to do a million dollars in improvements to lights, phones, computers. Where ever there’s energy use that’s where we put the money.”

Schneider representatives say it just doesn’t end with a million dollars in savings.
They’re continuing to look for ways to save the county “dollars and cents”.