COFFEE CO., Ala. (WDHN)— New Brockton High School held a Cultural Diversity program to celebrate the different cultures of its students, many of who come from countries across the globe.

Several students perform a traditional Puerto Rican dance. With the close proximity of Ft. Rucker, many New Brockton high schoolers are from around the world. With more than 800 students, Principal Alonzo Barkley says more than 100 can speak two or more languages.

Barkley says “To highlight the different talents and gifts in performing arts through music, poetry, dance as well as public speaking.”

In Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “A Dream within a Dream”, the lines are read by the students in their native tongue.

French exchange student, Maelys Boucher, says “I made friends and I’ve learned and learned so much and I am so thankful my family allowed me to come here. “

For one teacher from Brazil who instructs English from different countries, she says this is truly a very rewarding experience.

New Brockton Teacher, Camila Harper, of Brazil says “We have some kids that are so excited to show their culture to the whole school and the community.”

Justin Flowers is a 2009 New Brockton graduate. He is now on the city council and spoke at Thursday’s forum.

“You have the capacity to create innovative ideas and thoughts and be amazing at what you do,” according to Flowers.

One of the forum’s organizers says it demonstrates that America is a melting pot and immigrants have helped bring greatness to what our country is today.