COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Shortly after taking office earlier this year, Coffee County Sheriff Scott Byrd worked on making the dangerous job of law enforcement a little safer.

Sheriff Byrd says Enterprise Rescue is playing a major role in helping provide his deputies and investigators with a safety net.

In most cases where Coffee County Sheriff investigators and deputies are conducting a search warrant, an Enterprise Paramedic or E.M.T. is not far away.

Enterprise Rescue Operation’s Manager, Arnold Woodham, is also Coffee County’s Coroner. By being close to a dangerous situation, can mean the difference between life and death if things go south in a hurry.

“The sheriff or his chief deputy gives us a call, a heads-up before it happens. What we do is send a truck in the generalized area, down the block or a half-mile away so if something goes down we’ll send a truck to render aid or whatever is going on at the time,” says Woodhams.

Sheriff Byrd says if something goes south real quick involving his personnel, he says good to know emergency rescue is just seconds away.

“Arnold sends a medic if we serve a search warrant or some other high-risk warrant and it’s really beneficial to keep my guys safe if something was to happen we have the right medical attention, but I want to thank Arnold for supporting us the way he does,” Sheriff Scott Byrd says.

“Look at your current events, pay attention to the news. You don’t know what anybody will throw at you if it’s a minute warrant or a Class A felony, you don’t know what’s going through that person’s mind or what they will do when they see law enforcement. How they will react,” says Woodham.

Coffee County Sheriff Byrd says rescue personnel doesn’t actually arrive on the crime scene, but are just blocks away, or down the road if needed to provide medical care.