NEW BROCKTON, Ala. (WDHN) — The town of New Brockton is home to 1,400 residents and is nestled in the central part of Coffee County, but over the past year, they have had some moving around at the top.

“There are some openings. Yes, that’s true,” New Brockton Mayor Pro Tempore, Ronald Terry said ‘With the mayor’s position and the city clerk?’ both of those are accepting applications.”

In December of last year, longtime Mayor Kathy Holley resigned due to family obligations and she said she could no longer dedicate the time needed to run the city effectively.

In addition in her letter, she says “I can no longer deal with the chaos with individuals on the council. I can no longer be part of the direction of a couple of the councilmembers who are choosing to take our town.”

Then in January, the town council appointed Ralph Medley to serve as interim mayor, but now the town is looking for its next mayor. A position in the town now wants to find some stability.

“New Brockton is a thriving place to be at this moment, so we are trying to get this thing fixed, so it will run smoothly,” Terry said. “Having a mayor here with us that’s going to be long-term will be an ideal thing.”

The candidate for mayor must be a resident of New Brockton, but currently, the town is accepting letters of interest until October 13.

“Somebody that loves the town of New Brockton,” Terry said. “Somebody that will take what’s here and be able to take on the challenges and make our town prosper.”

They are also accepting applications for a town clerk, which will be a full-time position as well as some other part-time jobs in the town

If you are interested the town asks to stop by the town hall to drop off your application or inquire about the position.