Community members opting out of vaccinations, health officials encourage it

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COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) —Health officials, vaccination sites, and clinics are starting to see a new trend among residents where some are not getting vaccinated or returning for their second dose.

According to the CDC, almost 8 percent of americans got their first covid shot and have yet to return for a second. Coffee county EMA director James Brown said they face the same problem, with some not getting vaccinated at all.

“Of those that are eligible we only got about 28 percent of them that come out for their shot so 1 out of 3, that’s not real good,” Brown said. “This will help us make that herd immunity so that we don’t have this revisit us like some of the other states have.”

Two of the vaccines, Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna requires individuals to get a second dose for maximum protection against the virus.

Health experts also explain that many have opted out of the second dose in fear of side effects or going to incorrect testing sites. Many believe they are fine, or immune if they feel good after one dose or if someone they know had been vaccinated before them.

However, it doesn’t work that way Brown explained. This is why he is stressing being vaccinated.

“It’s good to get it it’s just like a flu shot or any other shot you get to protect yourself and your family,” Brown said.

He credits the county’s low covid count to vaccinations. With new covid variances, he doesn’t want numbers to rise again.

“Numbers are coming down we want to keep those numbers down so if you get your vaccine that’ll prevent that,” Brown said.

Currently, in the past fourteen days, Coffee County has only reported 28 COVID cases. Brown suggests those who don’t want a second shot to get a Johnson & Johnson vaccine instead.

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