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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With the verdict for the Arbery case, some conversations have been sparked here in the Wiregrass.

“It also serves as a sigh. We are not done. I just really pray we all come together in some type of way,” concerned Dothan resident, Napolian Barnes, Jr. said. “White, black, we can just stop seeing each other as white or black, but as Americans. When a brother kills another brother we are all impacted by that and not just by the color of the skin.”

Even though the motion of social justice took a step forward today, according to some, there are still a few more steps.

“I wouldn’t have been celebrating. Cause again, justice is long-term. We cant celebrate one or two incidents, it has to be a repetitive thing,” Executive Director of Equally Yoked Community Outreach, Derrick Oliver said. “It has to be where anytime the situations happen, whether its white on black, black on black, black on white, whatever the case is. Justice has to be blind.”

Even though this case is coming to a close, some believe it’s what happens down the line that matters.

“You are either part of the problem or part of the solution,” District 1 Dothan City Commissioner, Kevin Dorsey said. “Just don’t make this like a baby crying. You give them a bottle because everyone is crying and talking about it now. But just stay aware, pay attention in your community wherever you stay and get involved and stay involved.”

Dorsey and Oliver wanted to emphasize the importance of the issue isn’t race versus race, but right versus wrong and it will take more than one case to solve the underlying issue.

“Instead of saying three white men, say three men killed a man. Let’s just look at it like that,” said Dorsey.

“You have to change the mindset of the people and I don’t know how easy that is,” Oliver said. “You have to see each other as human beings and you have to see each other as brothers.

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