HARTFORD, Ala. (WDHN)—Later this year, groundbreaking is expected for the Highway 52 four-laning from Malvern to Hartford…
Tonight, some Hartford residents are concerned that the work may damage, or even destroy the make-up of the city’s downtown square.
WDHN’s Mike Gurspan reports:

Hartford’s downtown square is considered by residents and visitors a “true treasure”, bringing back a “simpler time”.

But within the next few months, the “long” planned four-laning of Highway 52 from Malvern to Hartford will get underway.

Some fear the work will “destroy” the square. But, Mayor Neil Strickland says he’s been assured the four-lane will stop before reaching downtown. The state DOT has not publicly released whether the four-lane will go on a “north route” or a “south route” around the downtown district.

Mayor Neil Strickland says “no doubt, there will not be a four-lane coming through Hartford. This is a beautiful city and there’s nothing in the plans to do that. This is just a big event for Hartford whenever it does take place. It’s a beautiful city, it’s growing and this will only enhance it.”

Mike Gurspan says “State Representative Jeff Sorrells who also happens to be a former Hartford mayor says DOT is still studying plans to four-lane Highway 52 into the town.”

Representative Sorrells says “There’s been no mention of any alterations, or doing anything to the square. The center of Hartford will remain as it is. And really that’s the staple of Hartford. That’s what sets us apart.”

Initially, the four-lane construction will begin between Malvern and Hartford.
Reporting in Hartford, Mike Gurspan WDHN news for the wiregrass.