ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN)—This week, construction barriers began to show up around a portion of enterprise high school. The principal says it’s a cosmetic matter and not a safety issue.

Principal Stan Sauls made that comment because less than five years ago, EHS went through a major renovation to make sure the exterior facade did not fall.

Barriers and construction equipment are outside Enterprise High’s Performing Arts Center.
Unlike several years ago when the concrete facade had to be replaced due to its shifting and concern it would fall injuring someone on the ground.

Principal Sauls says this time the bricks outside the Performing Arts Center have become discolored, almost bleached out in appearance. They will be replaced with bricks that match the rest of the school. It’s a cosmetic issue, with nothing to do with safety.

“Due to the bricks being discolored. There are no safety issues at all with the performing arts center. It’s simply fixing the bricks that have become discolored,” said Sauls

Sauls says the work to replace all the bricks will run through summer break but will be completed before the start of the next school year.

The construction is not expected to affect the school’s traffic flow, nor much parking. There will be fewer parking spaces for teachers but according to Sauls, it won’t be a big problem.

“It will affect some teacher parking but will not affect the use of the performing arts center. It may affect how people enter or exit until the project is completed,” according to Sauls.

The principal says the building contractor and school administration are working to determine why the bricks became discolored, and hopefully prevent it from happening a second time.