Could a new Alabama cell phone bill affect your time behind the wheel?

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Last year, the Dothan Police Department issued around 900 citations for distracted driving.

This year, that number could increase significantly.

“We have a lot of accidents in Dothan involving people playing with their phone, messing around and not paying attention to the roadway,” Lt. Dennis Sallas said.

The law, as of right now, does not allow people to text or call while driving.

If passed, House Bill 90 would make it illegal to have your phone in your hand while driving.

“It is very dangerous to be looking at your phone, dialing phone numbers, even talking if it is distracting you,” Sallas said. “You are looking at possibly getting citations, possibly getting involved in a wreck. Getting yourself hurt or someone else hurt.”

Sallas said the Dothan Police Department is ready to enforce this law, if and when it is passed.

He believes a bill like this would make people stop and put their phones down while driving.

“Most of the time it is not real hard to see somebody do that,” Sallas said. “If you look out the window at the guy or girl next to you, it is very obvious if you are playing on your phone, texting, or whatever and not paying attention to the roadway.”

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, there are 25 states that currently have a handheld cell phone use ban in place.

“If the law changes where we can have a little more teeth into it then yes we will be writing more citations also it will definitely cut down wrecks,” Sallas said.

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