DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In just a few months, Borden Dairy will have to stop its production in Houston County. And right now it’s leaving a sour taste in the mouth of county officials.

“Concerned about the 200 employees that have been notified already about the closing, we’re disappointed for them, our community, and the small town of Cowarts that’s growing and doing well,” Commissioner Doug Sinquefield said.

Borden’s Dairy issued a statement this week saying they can no longer support the production at its facilities in Mississippi and Dothan. The Dothan location is the only facility in the state that produces milk for the Dallas-based company.

The company produces about 350 million gallons a year in the United States and serves 9,000 schools.

“Corporations have to do what they have to do increased costs we have seen have affected us inflation, fuel cost their delivery trucks are running every day, so I’m sure a lot of factors have come into play,” He said.

Just last year, the company brought in over one billion dollars in revenue — that comes after they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in 2020.

Bordens has 13 other plants — some in the southeast are Decatur, Georgia, Miami, Winter Haven, Florida, and Lafayette, Louisiana.

The company will help its employees land at other locations but Sinquefield said the county and the chamber will work to fill open positions here at home.

We have many jobs within the county so that can be an option for those displaced.

Although it’s a huge loss right now, he hopes it paves the way for something bigger and better in the future like another big manufacturer.

“We would be open to anything and everybody we would get with our economic development team, the chamber, they could go ahead and open the doors for someone to come in and replace this loss,” He said.

Both facilities must be closed no later than October 2nd.