COVID-19 causes strain on mental health

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Although some may be feeling blue due to being stuck inside by COVID-19, others may be struggling with their mental health, bringing a whole new meaning to the word quarantine.

Psychologists explained how people rely on the outside world to keep their mental and emotional health in a state of positivity.

“Well, like depression and anxiety, which are pretty common problems, they are an internal battle.” Angel House’s Trauma Specialist Dr. Robert Grice said. “So, to help us with this internal battle, we rely on the external world.”

After being in quarantine for multiple weeks, doctors are seeing heightened anxiety and depression in patients. This stems from lack of routine and loneliness.

“Without routine, generally speaking, most people become more anxious, worry more, and can feel much more isolated.” Dr. Tim Price said. “I think that’s what I’ve seen mostly out of the COVID-19 response and the impact. For a number of people, being able to form a new routine has been challenging.”

On the opposing side, many people have found ways to keep calm and take care of their mental health through mindfulness, or being in the moment.

“It is important to practice self care, and part of self care is remembering to keep yourself in the moment.” Grice said.

Doctor Price also explained that if you feel like you have not been yourself, get help. Virtual appointments with local psychologists are now available as well.

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