DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, over 1,000 patients are fighting COVID in hospitals throughout the state, one local medical expert said numbers of hospitalizations here in the Wiregrass are continuing to increase and fast.

On Monday, Southeast Health had a total of 39 patients being treated for COVID-19. However, the number of patients being treated increased on Wednesday to 60.

Flowers Hospital has 24 COVID-19 patients they were treating on Monday. Now, they are currently treating 37 patients with COVID on Wednesday.

On June 27, the ADPH reports there were 187 patients state-wide in hospitals due to COVID-19. On Wednesday, the state reported 1,181 patients. Dr. Marvin W. Sexton, M.D. a Pulmonary Critical Care Physician at Pulmonary Associates, said this is why doctors are even more urgently asking people to get vaccinated.

“We were all kind of breathing a sigh of relief all the health care professional workers taking care of these people,” Dr. Sexton said. “Now we have this huge spike again, this Delta variant in this state there is 60 percent of people still unvaccinated. That is what is driving it and those are the people that are going to go into the hospitals and a lot of them are not going to survive.”

Doctor Sexton said people who believe the vaccines are unsafe and ineffective are either misled or simply foolish. He said the vaccine is the best chance they have for getting through this pandemic, which has already taken away far too many lives unnecessarily.