DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — As the biggest in-person shopping days are over for the holiday season, shoppers can now turn to their screens for savings.

Cyber Monday, a term that was coined by the National Retail Federation in 2005, came at a time when companies were first beginning to offer online shopping options.

In 2020 alone, online shoppers spent over an estimated $9 billion on Cyber Monday shopping, making it the largest day for e-commerce in America.

In Dothan, Eagle Eye Outfitters says that pay off last year as well.

“As we’ve become a more digital society, it has just become an increasingly bigger day in retail period,” Store Manager of Eagle Eye Outfitters, Rick Walz said. “And a couple years back, we really focused on our website and were just so excited about the growth that we’ve seen there. Last year we had a record year for Cyber Monday, and we’re expecting another record year for this Cyber Monday as well. And that’s on top of great, great gains in our store too.”

One local shopper spoke about how Cyber Monday’s popularity can be tied to its convenience during the busy shopping season.

“I think Cyber Monday is just as popular because Mondays, people maybe have a little more time than on Black Friday to do the stuff online that they want to do,” Wiregrass shopper Ashley Contin said.

During the COVID-19 shutdowns last year, Walz said online shopping helped ease some of his company’s uncertainty in sales.

“The statewide mandates back May of 2020, April of 2020, we were able to really stay online and still service our customers and offer that great customer service just in a different avenue,” Walz said. “And that really sustained us for those first few weeks when there was a lot of unknown going on. And really, our website has just continued to grow over the past year.”

With Cyber Monday quickly approaching, experts expect the day to be the biggest in sales for all of 2021.