MIDLAND CITY, Ala (WDHN)— A Midland City man was arrested early Monday morning after being accused of harming a puppy in front of its owner and causing it to need stitches across its back, per Midland City Police.

According to MCPD Chief Jimmy Singleton, Corey Thurman, 35, was visiting his neighbor when a nine-month-old dachshund puppy got away from a young girl and ran into the yard where Thurman was.

When the girl found the puppy and attempted to pick it up, Thurman allegedly threw a metal pipe at it and caused a 2-inch gash across the puppy’s back.

Police performed an investigation and Thurman was charged with one count of animal cruelty.

Chief Singleton says that Thurman had a problem with the puppy being in the neighbor’s yard due to the leash law in the city limits.

According to jail records, Thurman’s bond has not been set.