ARITON, Ala. (WDHN) — As WDHN has reported numerous times, catalytic converters are a hot item for a thief to make a few hundred dollars and the latest catalytic converter theft happened at a Dale County church in Ariton. But that’s not all the damage that was done.

Take a good look at this truck, it’s the vehicle that law enforcement in Dale County is looking for after a catalytic converter was stolen off this church van last Friday night.

They say whoever was behind the wheel is behind the crime.

“It’s some type of smaller pickup truck smaller body style maybe a Ford Ranger,” Dale County Chief Deputy Mason Bynum said.

The theft leaving the pastor of the church confused

“It makes me feel sad, that this is that our world has evolved to such a situation coming to, these days,” Pastor of Rocky Head Baptist Church, Bill Weed said.

But not only did the thief steal the converter, but according to police they also tried to set the church on fire.
Another crime was noticed by the church’s maintenance crew.

“Our cleaning crew came out, that Friday night that it was discovered, when they walked into the choir room and discovered the gasoline can had been thrown through the window,” Weed said.

Wood is covering the window now, but shards of glass are still on the ground. While surveillance video captured the truck, there were no cameras near the window to capture someone’s face.

“The surveillance video from the church caught the vehicle on camera, we have put that out on Facebook, urging the public if they recognize the vehicle to contact us,” Weed said.

And the pastor is wanting the thief to come forward and they won’t be upset.

“My message to the perpetrators or whoever did this, my heart goes out to you, and we’re praying for you,” Weed.

Again if you recognize that truck in the video, you are urged to call the Dale County Sheriff’s Office at (334) 774-3114.