LEVEL PLAINS, Ala. (WDHN) — With a surge of retail growth between Enterprise and Dothan, one community is seeing new businesses moving in.

WDHN visited several new and existing establishments along US Highway 84 in Level Plains. It seems that portion of Dale County has become a hot piece of real estate.

Past and Present antique and flea market houses are home to more than 120 retail businesses. Past and Present rents space to mom-and-pop operations, and the demand is strong.

Being along Highway 84, there are a lot of walk-in customers.

Garret Williford says “Dothan and Enterprise have been growing so tremendously over recent years and continue to do so. There are more people traveling between those cities for either work or pleasure and vice-versa. So we wanted to catch that through traffic between those locations.”

Jessica Whittle of Coco Cherryann says that there are definitely a lot of people who know about the place and come in frequently, but also a lot of passersby who stop and come in.

Landy Hughes has operated his motorcycle apparel business in level plains for more than a decade. He says Level Plains is a good place to live and work, but his biggest competition is from online businesses.

With all the business growth taking place between Enterprise and Dothan a hot piece of real estate is here along Highway 84 in Level Plains.

Landy Hughes of Old Homestead Biker Wear adds “Highway 84 is a busy corridor that helps our business a lot. People come from all over the place traveling through 84. 84 with all that traffic really helps our business.”