ALABAMA (WDHN) — On Friday, September 1, Governor Kay Ivey sent a letter to the Director of Alabama Public Library Services, Dr. Nancy Pack, expressing concern over children’s books found in Alabama libraries, citing one Wiregrass library.

In the letter, Ivey mentioned Ozark-Dale County Library, saying the young adult section has featured books such as The Mirror Season, a story centered around two teens who find they were sexually assaulted at the same high school party, and Only Mostly Devastated, which spins a tale of a young gay teenager who falls in love with a jock at his new school.

The issue came to light in Dale County after Ozark Mayor Mark Blankenship took to social media in August, saying he wants all LGBTQ-themed books removed from the young adult section of the Ozark-Dale County Library. The books were not pulled and Blankenship threatened to pull funding from the library.

According to Gov. Ivey, she has received multiple complaints from parents about books at libraries across the state, but the parents aren’t calling for the literature to be pulled from libraries. Parents allegedly told Gov. Ivey that the books should be “placed in appropriate locations.”

Ivey provided a long and detailed list of questions to Dr. Pack.

You can read Ivey’s letter below: