DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Fresh off presiding over the Coley McCraney double-murder trial, Dale-Geneva Circuit Court Judge Bill Filmore was back on the campaign trail today.

As the guest speaker at the Republican Women of Geneva County’s monthly luncheon.

In the Republican primary next March, Filmore plans to be a candidate for the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

During the nearly two-week McCraney trial, the judge says he was proud of the professionalism displayed by both the prosecution and defense lawyers as well as the jury — along with the media — and folks who attended the daily proceedings.

“The attorneys in the case were great, they conducted themselves very well, appreciate that. And they were good about having the case move along in the trial,” says Filmore.

As of now, Judge Filmore and two other candidates are vying for the seat on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals. Qualifying ends later this year.