FORT NOVOSEL, Ala. (WDHN) — The Lieutenant Governor of Alabama made a stop in the Wiregrass at Fort Novosel on Monday.

It was the first trip to Fort Novosel on land for Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth.

He was able to meet with mayors from the surrounding cities and towns and hear from those at Fort Novosel about issues that the state may be able to address.

One of the issues brought up was about towers on the base. Fort Novosel is one of the busiest in the country when it comes to flights so they plan to take a look at legislation to make sure the structure is not impeding and efforts to protect the base.

“Also, just the economic development in this area the amount of homes going up and people moving here,” LT. Gov. Will Ainsworth said. “I think it’s important we support this area with infrastructure broadband to make sure we stay ahead of the growth. This base is the number one economic driver here and we the state are going to make sure we support it.”

Governor Ainsworth also had the chance to fly in a black hawk for the first time and he says he loved it.

He also credited Fort Novosel for doing an outstanding job.