DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — With actual air temperatures around the century mark, and heat indices from 105-to-110 degrees, it stands to reason health care facilities are seeing an increase in the number of folks experiencing heat-related issues.

Dr. Rodney Kerns is an emergency room physician at Dale Medical Center. As heat indices have been going up, the E.R. Has seen an increase in folks suffering from dehydration, heat-related headaches and muscle spasms.

Dr. Kerns says the key is to drink plenty of liquid to stay hydrated, and if suffering from heat seek relief indoors A.C. and do not ignore the symptoms.

“Heat stroke, stroke is a potential symptom of heat stroke. What we define it as a core body temperature above 104 degrees with neurological symptoms such as stroke, seizures, and loss of consciousness,” says Dr. Kerns.

He says with these extremely hot temperatures if someone starts to suffer from a heat-related illness they should immediately seek shade or go indoors with A.C. and start to hydrate.

“My advice if you’re going to be out take frequent breaks, make sure you are going to be hydrated and do those activities as early as possible,” says Dr. Kerns.