DALEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — The city of Daleville bills itself as the gateway to Ft. Rucker, but over recent years, that path has been marked by dilapidated buildings and other public eyesores.

The town’s mayor and city council are looking to beautify that stretch of Highway 85 leading to Ft. Rucker’s main gate.

One doesn’t have to look very far to find, boarded-up, dilapidated businesses, and homes along with some of the major thoroughfares through Daleville.

With the city’s monitor of gateway to Ft. Rucker, Mayor Jayme Stayton says it’s time for his town to clean up and fix up. Highway 85 which runs through Daleville leads to Ft. Rucker’s main gate Daleville’s Department
Of Public Safety will be enforcing ordinances that help remove eyesores.

“I just want everyone to know it’s a process, that we are working on it,” Daleville Chief of Police Allen Medley said. “It might be behind the scenes and it may be behind and just waiting for someone to respond to a letter or something like that. But it is important to us.”

And Mayor Stayton says just because you see an eyesore. That the city can automatically clean it up. It’s often a long legal process in many cases.

In many cases, an owner of a particular property may live in another state, or he or she may have inherited the property and has no interest in maintaining it. In some cases, it’s very difficult to track down the owner or owners. But, Mayor Jayme Stayton says he and the city council will do their due diligence.

“Number one it’s for the citizens that live here,” Mayor Stayton said. “Number two it’s for Ft. Rucker, and number three it’s for businesses that want to come to our city, but a lot of people don’t realize that when you’re in negotiation and they may possibly want to come to your city. They scout it, they don’t necessarily tell you that they’re here and if your city looks like crap and you don’t have pride in your city. So it’s a deterrent they don’t want to come here and build.”

In the event of a future congressional base realignment and closure hearing, better known as BRAC, military and political leaders say numerous factors like the appearance leading to a military base can make a big difference” in the future viability of the installation with the department of defense.