DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan City Schools is partnering with a local surveillance products company Angel Trax to install outside high-definition cameras on their school buses to catch those breaking the law.

The first school system in the Wiregrass with cameras on their buses.

“Running stop arms is definitely an epidemic throughout the country and community and we’re happy to be a part of this child safety program it’s nothing more than to protect our children,” DCS Transportation Director Jay Bruner said.

DCS students’ lives have been at risk during bus stops last fall and school officials say there have been some close calls.

They used the cameras for a 20-day case study and they counted over 400 violations when cars are speeding by school buses with the lights flashing and the crossing arm being out.

Now, the practice run is over and cameras will be equipped on all buses that will record your tag number if you pass a school bus.

“When that crossing arm comes out and a car goes past, we actually detect if a car goes by it will automatically download in our data center and it will be reviewed by trained reviewers and if it meets the rules a citation will be mailed,” Angel Trax CEO Richie Howard said.

A citation of up to 300 dollars.

The CEO of Angel Trax Richie Howard said you could also appeal the citation if you don’t believe you are guilty of breaking the rule.

“There’s a list of things they can require a court date, you can fill out a form that I wasn’t driving my car and you are swearing to it and put down who was driving the car and reissue that to the other person,” He said.

If the citation is paid, it will not go against your driving record or affect your car insurance.