DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN)— The defense for a former Houston County Assistant District Attorney, who was fired after being accused and charged with ethics violations, is asking the state to reveal more details about the information that led to his arrest and charges.

Mark Johnson is currently facing six ethics violations charges after being accused of having an illegal online relationship with a defendant in a past case. He turned himself into the Houston County Jail on October 6, and was released on a $180,000 bond.

According to court documents filed on November 30, Johnson’s defense is now requesting that the state reveal information that could help in his cases defense, including:

  • All statements made by co-conspirators that have not been arrested or indicted
  • The name and address of each informant whose statements relate to the investigation of the case
  • The nature of all immunity granted to informants or witnesses, including the detail of all crimes for which immunity was granted
  • All consideration given or promised to any individual that relates to the investigation or prosecution of the case
  • All records, notes, or documents in the possession of the state relating to the grant of immunity, promises, threats, or consideration to individuals to obtain information or testimony about the crime
  • Any threats, forces, or promises were used while any individual was providing information that relates to the investigation or prosecution of the case.
  • Any leniency given to witnesses or someone known to a witness

The state plans to respond to the request by December 14.