DALE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — A motion by District Attorney, David C. Emery has been filed in the long-awaited double murder trial suspect, Coley McCraney, charged for the murders of two 17-year-old girls killed more two decades ago.

McCraney, 48, is accused in the 1999 killings of Tracie Hawlett, and J.B. Beasley after police say DNA linked to Beasley’s body matched that of McCraney’s in 2019.

On Monday morning, prosecutors filed the following motion in limine, which is requesting a preliminary decision on evidence they are objecting to before McCraney’s set trial date in May 2022. According to legal documents, the prosecution is requesting to restrict the defendant from attempting to present evidence they call improper and the argument that another person committed the crimes.

Per court documents, the State of Alabama submitted the following as improper evidence that should not be part of this trail:

  • A witness’s opinion as to the guilt or innocence of either the defendant or another person.
  • Speculation as to what, why, who and how the murders were committed by either another person or class of people such as law enforcement officers, drug violators, carnival workers and government officials.
  • Less than “legal evidence” that a third party committed an act that goes to the perpetration of the res gestae of the murders the defendant is indicted for.
  • Either records of or testimony in reference to Johnny William Barrentine.
  • Suspicion and speculation that an Ozark police officer murdered the victims.
  • Any one of numerous reports to law enforcement agencies that were not helpful in the investigation of the murders before the court.
  • Hearsay and opinions from Mr. Hilton Lanier Beasley.
  • Social media records, newspaper reports, television and radio reports and other forms of hearsay.
  • Testimony concerning the laboratory procedures followed by Parabon Nanolab in the present case and any other case wherein Parabond Nanolab analyzed DNA.

Dale County Circuit Judge, William H. Filmore has not made any comments on when a judgement will be made. McCraney’s trial is still set for May 2, 2022 and he faces charges of capital murder and first-degree rape.

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