DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — In response to recent school threats made at Dothan City Schools, the topic of safety on campuses throughout the district was brought up by one Dothan City Commissioner during Tuesday’s Dothan Commissioners meeting.

Dothan City District 1 Commissioner, Kevin Dorsey, said he has received many phone calls from concerned parents regarding their kid’s safety within DCS, which is why he brought up the question: does the school district need more resource officers?

“If you could only imagine being at work and your child or perhaps your only child is at school and their life may be in danger,” Dorsey said.

That’s the reason why Dorsey asked Dothan’s Police Chief, William Benny, a question regarding resource officers within the school districts.

“Do you think we need more?” Dorsey asked.

Currently, there are 19 resource officers within Dothan City Schools to cover about 8,000 students. Chief Benny answered they could always use more so they are able to have at least one per school.

“I think Chief Benny said it very candidly, ‘yes, we can always use more’,” Dothan’s Mayor, Mark Saliba said. “We have SROs and SPOs. There is a difference between a resource officer and a protection officer. The city of Dothan has been contributing to both of those over the past several years.”

According to Saliba, a problem the city is facing is hiring officers. They have increased pay and offered other incentives to increase the number of officers in the field, but they know they still have ways to go.

“I think as we move forward there are other things that we can do that are called force multipliers, tools and technology can also be used in law enforcement as well,” Saliba said.

Saliba claims those resources could help cut down the total number of officers they need to have. However, as city leaders, they both tell WDHN News they are willing to do whatever is needed to enhance the school district.

“Therefore if this is an issue and if it’s bigger than what they say it is then we are going to address it,” Dorsey said.

Dorsey wants to ensure parents, teachers, and staff at Dothan City Schools that they are safe and have no need to worry despite the recent threats.

“At the end of the day, we are all Dothan, no matter if it’s the school if it’s a business. Don’t matter if it’s the eastside, northside, southside,” Dorsey said.

During a previous strategic planning session, the city of Dothan met with DCS Superintendent, Dr. Dennis Coe, on what the school district might need for its future. Dothan is fully prepared to help with any problems the school district brings before them.

“The city of Dothan Commission is willing to help with Dr. Coe in whatever way he asks us to,” Saliba said.

Commissioner Dorsey believes this just isn’t a Dothan City Schools problem but a community issue. He said he’ll be working to come up with some type of solution but at this time he wants to ensure parents: their kids are safe.