DOTHAN< Ala. (WDHN) — “I was just devastated. The vet was so certain she was going to make it. And when we got the news, it was just total heartbreak. She was just so lovable, she always loved to lick everybody,” owner of Mia the dog, Jason Yeager said.

Yeager had just gotten home from work on Wednesday when he let his Siberian husky, Mia, outside as he always does.

Just a few minutes later, Mia came stumbling up to the door, something obviously wrong.

“She came walking back up and had a blood spot above her eye and she was staggering a little bit,” said Yeager.

Yeager immediately drove Mia to the vet, where he was told Mia had been bitten twice in the face by a cottonmouth moccasin.

Mia would succumb to her injuries by morning.

Another wiregrass veterinarian says this isn’t an uncommon occurrence this time of year.

“It is absolutely that time of year, spring and early summer, we start seeing a higher number of snake bites for sure,” DVM and owner of Daleville Animal Hospital said.

There are some preventive measures you can take to minimize the risk to you or a loved one.

“Best thing you can do is keep your grass low. Bushes and everything trimmed up. They don’t like to be out in the open, but they will crawl anywhere, but it helps you a lot,” owner of Wiregrass Wildlife Removal, Jatin Patel said.

Patel says it is important to check the closed in and shaded areas around your house, such as the air conditioning unit, or even the crawlspace under it because snakes love a cool place to hide.

“Another thing you could do is keep the dog food and cat food away, because that brings rats and the rats attract snakes,” said Patel.

Patel also says to empty your pet’s water bowl as well, to prevent animals from coming in your yard looking for a drink.