Dothan businesses struggling to hire as people refuse to apply for jobs

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —The Dothan Metro area’s unemployment numbers is currently around 3.7 percent.

Despite this, local businesses told WDHN they have had issues hiring employees.

“We closed the dining room, but we did curbside and to go’s,” River Nile owner Katie Hart said. “Whenever we called employees back, half didn’t come back they stayed on unemployment.”

Hart said a lot of her employees have left or called out and haven’t wanted to work. This has led the business to take tables out of the dining room.

Another business, Dove Christian Supply, has experienced a similar problem.

“In years past we had people applying, but it just seems like in the last six or seven months that really nobody’s applying,” Dove Christian Owner Donna Mccoullough said. “We’ve actually had to seek out you know friends, or family members or church secretaries come in and is like hey do you know anybody that might be interested in a part-time position.”

Mccollough worries that a lack of employees could lead to a bad customer experience.

“It’s just kind of been a challenge to make sure to you know make sure we have enough people on our sales floor to help our customers as they come in and finding somebody that you know is willing to work for a small business,” Mccollough said.

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