DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN) — Around 3 o clock Thursday afternoon, Dothan Police responded to reports of a Dothan City Schools bus being shot into by bb’s somewhere around Fortner Street and Park Avenue.

Dothan police say children occupied the school bus, but no one was injured.

While officers were responding to the school bus, two other calls came in telling the same story: bb’s were being shot at their vehicle as well.

Upon further investigation, it was determined the shots were coming from around the 900 block of Fortner Street.

WDHN canvased the surrounding neighborhood, looking for anyone who might have witnessed what went down.

An eye witness who wished to remain anonymous tells WDHN, cops surrounded a house at the intersection of Virginia Drive and Fortner street.

After canvasing the area directly adjacent to the house which reportedly sheltered the shooter, a couple that has lived in the area for some time says air rifle vandalism has been an ongoing problem since at least last October.

“Halloween night, the city celebrated on a Saturday and that night I heard someone shooting what I thought was paintball. The next day we realized it was a bb gun,” a resident from the area, Audy Pedro said.

Pedro goes on to say his wife is the one who found the damages.

“She went to the parking lot and she saw my car with a broken window,” said Pedro.

Dothan resident, Jacquette Townsend, 20, was charged with three counts of throwing or shooting deadly or dangerous missiles into an occupied vehicle and his bond was set at 45,000 dollars.