DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — WDHN saw the threat on social media after a student posted on Snapchat saying he was going to bring a gun to Beverlye Intermediate School on Tuesday.

Dothan Police say it was a very vague post and police are continuing to investigate the post.

“It happened on social media,” Dothan Superintendent Dr. Dennis Coe said. “It was posted on social media. It’s difficult for us to manage, actually it’s impossible for us to manage every single post from every student.”

This is the third threat in the last month at a Dothan City School, as they had a bomb threat at Dothan Preparatory School in March. On Easter, there was a threat from a student who said he was going to bring a gun to Dothan Preparatory.

“We’ve had others that we couldn’t verify, couldn’t validate, or couldn’t even determine if it was made by someone here in Dothan, or somewhere else in the country,” Dr. Coe said.

Dothan City Schools say that they are continuing to look into any threat made against the school, but DCS also says they need the parents to help.

“That talk needs to start at home,” Dr. Coe said. “Parents, we need them to help monitor what their child is looking at on their electronic devices. What apps do they have on their electronic devices?”

One Dothan parent spoke with WDHN and says that she thinks the students are being bullied and want attention.

“It doesn’t make it right because any kids could have been harmed, but they have no outlet,” Dothan Prep mother Tahopsha Bennett said.

Dr. Coe says that the students need to understand the consequences that these threats can cause.

“Instances and some of the allegations that are made online can be felony offenses, which result in jail time and criminal records,” Dr. Coe said.

Dothan City Schools is urging students to talk about these threats with their children, so the threats can subside.