DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan City Schools, like many school systems around the nation, have been experiencing a teacher shortage.

“For a couple of years, it’s been an ongoing issue,” Dothan City Schools Director of Human Resources, Patrick Mallory said. “It is becoming harder, there’s fewer certified teachers that’s graduating from school, so we’re all competing against what’s in the pool.”

One route DCS is taking to fill more positions is hosting a job fair on July 28 for certified teachers.

There will also be an informational session that will discuss routes for people looking to become a teacher that has a bachelor’s degree in any field.

“We have some emergency options that are available too,” Mallory said. “So if you hold a bachelor’s degree in a particular area, if we don’t have certified teachers available, we can put someone in on an emergency certificate, and you know that gives them an option to immediately go into the classroom.”

Mallory said the system’s biggest needs are in math, science, and special education teachers, and according to him, there are a lot of elementary school openings.

“There’s not a particular bachelor’s degree per se that you would need,” said Mallory. “Now there’s depending upon what certification you want to move to, the higher level you’d want to get, those kinds of things.”