DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — According to the city’s research, there are 76 short term rental problems properties in the Circle City — some have caused problems over the past two years.

“We started getting a lot of complaints about individuals using homes, renting homes having parties, etc,” Dothan Planning Director Todd McDonald said.

Therefore, the planning commission was forced to come up with regulations — and back in October they proposed two plans.

The first option was Airbnb’s to be permitted of use but must comply with a list of items that would be attached to their business license and the second option was to allow Airbnb’s in residential areas but with a special exception.

“We agree that these are bonafide uses in our residential areas but with the approval of the BZA we would check with the police department to see if they have any violations and we would provide that to the board when they make their decision,” He said.

Other requirements in the ordinance — rentals must be 250 feet apart to prevent congestion from guests, those who are leasing their space must have insurance, and business licenses must be renewed every year.

Also apart of the ordinance, that wasn’t touched on in the October meeting is accessory dwelling units — they are now able to be used as a short term rental.

McDonald says they are in favor of keeping airbnbs around the city because its a viable market especially with the heavy support of tourism, but would like to see better management going forward.

We don’t wanna squash and this is a good way to get investment we just don’t want their neighbors negatively impacted,” He added.

The proposed ordinance will be on the commission’s admin agenda next week and the ordinance could be a done deal by September 6th.

You can visit the city’s website for more information.