DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Hundreds of people gathered at the Dothan Civic Center for a memorial to commemorate and keep the spirits of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. alive.

“We have come together today to remember what he was about he was a drum major for justice and righteousness and he was a leader,” Dr. Charles Lewis said.

Dr. Charles Lewis, the pastor of the Dothan Community Church was the keynote speaker at the memorial. Lewis was influenced by King’s philosophy at a young age as he heard him speak on several occasions as a young boy and purchased his albums.

The key point of his speech mirrored one of his mentors from a distance famous quotes in his “Loving Your Enemies” sermon.

Lewis talked about being a ‘light’ to drive out darkness in the Dothan community.

“If there is darkness in the community we need to check ourselves and be the light and the salt that the bible talks about if we are doing that we can bring those behind us that are following us,” Dr. Lewis said.

He also discussed Dr. King’s vision of being unified regardless of skin color not only one day of the year but 365 days a year.

The crowd was also moved by songs of the civil rights movement as well as skits by the Dothan Prep Theatre Department.

“Being in middle school that’s a big deal because you don’t hear about the history in school,” said Celeste Morehead, the President of the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance Leadership Coalition.

Lewis and Morehead say they hope people left the program knowing they can keep the dream alive and make a difference.

“We have to continue from this moment because we have issues in our city and have to come together as one,” Morehead said.