Dothan elementary school chosen out of 131 schools to receive Alabama award

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Council for Leaders in Alabama, CLAS, is a leadership program in Alabama that recognizes schools with outstanding and positive programs, such as Jerry Lee Faine Elementary School and their Bulldog Positive Behavior Support Program.

Out 138 schools, 131 applied for the award but Jerry Lee Faine Elementary was chosen because of their bookstore that inspires good behavior in students.

Principal Jeff Torrence told WDHN how honored he was to receive this award.

“We were recognized for our bulldog bookstore, it’s an exciting time at Jerry Lee Faine Elementary school for all of our student, faculty and staff community stakeholders, everyone that just contributes to our school while pouring love,” Torrence said.

He just wanted their students to do the right thing.

“Once we got to Jerry Lee Faine in the fall of 2019, we started the Bulldog Bookstore just to incentives our kids to have good behavior and just to do the right thing,” said Torrence.

As a result of the program, Torrence said he saw a decrease in the amount of disciplinary referrals. In addition, they gave bus drivers “bulldog bucks” to help with issues on the bus.

With new leadership, Torrence is happy to have the support of Dothan City Schools faculty and staff behind him and supporting them.

“We really appreciate the leadership from Dothan City School’s. Dr. Coe has done an outstanding job with his faculty and staff. I mean they’re there for us whenever we need the support,” Torrence said.

He just wants to keep this good behavior momentum for their kids.

“We just want to encourage our students to have good behavior and really work hard, they’ve made it through some really tough times and we want to continue to encourage them,” said Torrence.

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