DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — It’s been a long year and a half for Jessica Myers and Zo Collins as they have been on the road constantly taking their two-year-old son Kol Collins to doctor visits.

They noticed something wasn’t quite right with him when he was four months old, but they got the true sign when he turned two as his blood work came back abnormal.

“He really started showing some neurological issues really early, but we missed it and he was misdiagnosed with acid reflux,” Myers said. “It turns out he was having seizure-like episodes.”

After a year of constant trips up to Birmingham, neurology doctors determined collins has enlarged blood vessels all over his brain and the left hemisphere of his brain is underdeveloped and small.

“They pointed out that he has microbleeds in the front temporal region in his brain on the left which are too small and it’s most likely caused because they are too large,” She said. “Its supposed to be too small and you’re not supposed to see them.”

With the brain disorder, Collins is unable to talk to his parents nor can he understand words. Therefore, they are having to learn sign language.

That’s difficult, especially during this stage of life, you’re learning to communicate and he gets extremely frustrated and upset, and it’s hard when you can’t explain things to your child,” She added.

With it being a rare disorder, Myers and Collins are having to take their child to see neurology specialists out of state.

Their insurance does not cover out-of-state visits therefore they are having to pay out of pocket.

But that’s been a financial strain considering Myers is out of work at the moment. A family member has set up a gofundme page to help cover medical expenses as well as gas and overnight expenses.

“We just want to get him the proper diagnosis and treatment,” She added.

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