DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Pedestrian-involved accidents are becoming more frequent in the Circle City. Since the beginning of April, Dothan has seen three separate incidents of pedestrians being hit by cars.

The most recent incident resulted in a woman’s death at the Flying J Travel in south Dothan, near Ross Clark Circle. According to Dothan Police, the lighting in the area could have been a factor in the accident.

In an effort to bring more visibility, Dothan Utilities has teamed up with the Alabama Department of Transportation or ALDOT to light up parts of Ross Clark Circle and other streets in Dothan.

“The city has been talking with ALDOT for several years to try and get something done as far as lighting the Circle, but with the widening project, the city was finally able to work out a deal with ALDOT where they would reimburse the city for the cost of the materials,” Assistant Director of Dothan Utilities, Chris Phillips said.

The lighting project, which will stretch from Fortner St near Eye Center South to just past Visit Dothan on Choctaw Street, has been in the works since mid-January and is now about two-thirds of the way done.

The hope is to provide more visibility to crowded areas and hopefully make the Circle safer for those on the road and pedestrians.

“With this project on the circle, the ALDOT lighting group designed this project to the federal highway standard for lighting,” Phillips said.

Currently, there are no plans to add more lighting in other areas of the Circle, but Phillips says he hopes to see this road lighting project wrap up in two to three weeks.