DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The recent uptick in teen violence within the city of Dothan has made a group of Dothan men step-up to implement change.

It all starts with making their presence known within Dothan City Schools.

The idea is to allow men these individuals to monitor the halls and be a fatherly presence for those kids who may not get that from home all in hopes of reducing teen violence.

“Most of the time a father or male figure can get a different response out of a child than a mother can,” Equally Yoked Community Outreach Executive Director, Derrick Oliver says. “So mostly the duties will be to just be present. I think showing that love, showing that consideration, showing that we’re are also being a stern figure. Where we can say ‘hey stop I see what you’re doing.’ And a lot of that I’m missing, and so that would be the bulk of our duties.”

It’s modeled after a program started at a Louisiana school, the result was a decline in violence
after the group of concerned citizens began to monitor the halls.

But the duties of this initiative go far beyond stopping violence. These Dothan men also want to set an example for the young teens that are transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

“Just having that male figure there and to show first the young men how a man should act, and secondly show young women how a male should treat them,” Oliver says. “I think that makes a world of difference.”