DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN)— A Dothan pastor, accused of drug charges from 2020, is now facing federal charges of tax evasion and mail fraud, per the Department of Justice.

According to records from the Department of Justice, two faith-based tax-exempt organizations were started by pastor Kenneth Glasgow between 2016 and 2017, one of them being The Ordinary Peoples Society (TOPS).

Per the records, Glasgow withdrew approximately $407,450 from TOPS by ATM and cash withdrawals in 2018, but he failed to report these withdrawals in TOPS’ records or show any legitimate purpose for them, and filed with the IRS that he received no reportable income from TOPS.

Glasgow is also facing charges of mail fraud, accused of sending false information to the Social Security Administration to continue receiving disability benefits.

The justice department says Glasgow reported to the SSA that it was difficult to dress and bathe himself, drive, prepare meals, and perform other basic tasks. He described a typical day:

“Get up about 6 am. Stay up for about an hour. Go back go sleep. Take medicine. Get up about 8, shower, then go to visit elderly if I don’t have to go to doctor. Talk a lot on the phone and preach and minister to those I can to try to keep my mind off of my pain”

Justice Department records allege these statements were false due to Glasgow reporting in 2019 that he worked at TOPS for 60 hours a week with no income and at his other charity, Prodigal Child Project (PCP), for 50 hours a week. They also claim Glasgow used the money to rent a vehicle each month from a dealership, even though he said others drove him around.

In 2020, Glasgow was accused of distributing cocaine to an unnamed suspect and was indicted by a grand jury. He pled not guilty in 2021, per past WDHN reports.

WDHN has made efforts to contact Glasgow’s attorney, Derek Yarbrough, and expects a response soon.