DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — As the city of Dothan continues to grow the need to expand its fire department to cover the expanding population is in the works, Dothan city commissioners approved the design of two new fire stations.

The addition of a new station, Fire Station #10 will be located at the corner of Main Street and Roosevelt Drive, which is between Ross Clark Circle and Park Avenue.

Fire Station #3 will be located in the area across from the Wiregrass Foundation Center on Whatley Drive near John D. Odom Road.

Dothan’s Mayor, Mark Saliba, tells WDHN that the Dothan Fire Department’s received an ISO rating of 1 (a score that reflects how prepared a community and area is for fires) is the highest rating a department can get. These two new stations will help the city keep that status by helping firefighters respond quickly to emergencies.

“We have a master plan that as the city grows, we are able to continue with that as well as response time, emergency response time, someone is sick, someone gets hurt, heart attack whatever that might be,” Mayor Saliba said.

The mayor added that planning is now underway, but a date to break ground is still yet to be determined.

The total estimated costs for the two new stations are around $11 million.