DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The city of Dothan’s plans to change the face of its downtown are currently ongoing.

The plans call for a brand new Dothan Civic Arena, Wiregrass Arts and Innovation Center, as well as renovations to the Dothan Opera House. However, before those projects can begin, city commissioners needed to approve the next steps of planning.

Before any major construction can get started, officials said the survey is vital for the planning of the future city block center.

“Things are moving along but these are some of the preliminary details we have to work on first,” Dothan Mayor Saliba said.

Those details include surveying all of the properties the city needs for its City Center Block Project. The survey will cost around $263,000 and will provide the information officials need to move forward with construction.

The city center block will be built in front of the civic center and will connect St. Andrews Street and Museum Avenue. The street will be open to traffic and will have the ability to be closed off for additional space or events.

“It all does tie into the downtown and the whole 84 East Corridor and bringing this side of town into a better economic development,” Mayor Saliba said.

On the other side of the block is a brand new parking deck that will have 300 parking spaces and possible retail shops. This is just part of how the city plans to make the gateway to the Circle City more accessible and welcoming.

“We are continuing to have more conversations and details on the next pieces,” Mayor Saliba said.

The mayor tells WDHN that the city’s plans for its downtown, along with every other project they have going on, are all meant to help the city grow into the future.