DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — WDHN has received more information on the recent drive-by shootings and two children that were injured.

“There was a patrol officer in the area that heard the shots fired and chased the car down,” Dothan Police Chief Will Benny said.

Cops say they caught three of the four men responsible for the recent string of drive-by shootings.

Two of them linked to high-profile shootings recently, In one case 3-year old Jakobe, was shot in the arm and the stomach while playing outside this weekend.

Cops say Jaylen Aristidle was the shooter.

Charges range from first-degree assault to shooting into an occupied residence.

“Not stopping until this is completely fleshed out and these acts stop in the city,” Chief Benny said.

Cops also say Di’Onandre Culver and Aristidle were responsible for another shooting earlier this month that shooting wounded a 12-year-old boy in the leg who had also been outside playing when someone driving by opened fire.

Both Culver and Aristidle face charges for that shooting.

Charges include one count of assault, two counts of attempted assault, and shooting into an occupied residence. Both of those men and a third suspect, Tyquan Ford, also face charges for last night’s drive-by shooting on Mercury Drive.

Police were able to chase down their car.

Nobody was injured at that crime scene. It was the second drive shooting on Wednesday evening.

“This seems to just be bad behavior, by individuals that are lost,” Chief Benny said. “They don’t have any care for anybody’s safety. That includes children, adults, grandmothers. They don’t care.”

A few hours earlier, someone fired at a house on Marquis Street. Nobody was hurt in that drive-by either.

The shooting at Marquis Drive is still under investigation. Police aren’t sure if any of the men arrested are responsible for it.

Cops are still looking for a fourth suspect in Wednesday night’s second shooting on mercury drive. If you have any information you can call the Crimestoppers Anonymous Tip Line 793-7000.


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — New information has been released by Dothan Police Department on Jaylen Aristidle in connection to an additional third drive-by shooting.

According to a press release, Dothan Police Investigators were called to the 1000 Block of Grant Street on October 17, for a shooting that injured three people including a three-year-old named Jakobe, who was shot twice. One bullet went straight through his arm. The other lodged itself into his stomach.

Dothan police stated that investigators utilized every investigative technique at their disposal and have charged Jaylen Aristidle, 18, in connection to this shooting.

Jaylen Aristidle

In addition to the previous charges, Aristidle is being charged with three counts of assault first degree and one count of shooting into an occupied residence. Police say more charges could be forthcoming. 

Aristidle is being held without bond.


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Three Dothan teenagers have been arrested in connection to two drive-by shootings, one shooting occurred Wednesday night and the other took place on Oct. 8 that left a 12-year-old wounded.

According to a press release from Dothan Police Department, authorities have arrested Tyquan Jamil Ford, 18, Jaylen Ney’shaun Aristidle, 18, and Di’Onandre Mackell Culver, 18, for the shooting in the 900 Block of Mercury Drive on Wednesday night. All three suspects have been charged with shooting into an unoccupied vehicle, shooting into an occupied residence, and attempted assault first-degree.

Ford was also charged with receiving stolen property second-degree.

Aristidle and Culver have also been charged in connection with the shooting in the 1700 Block of Alexander Drive that left a 12-year-old boy with a gunshot in the thigh on October 8. Additional charges of one count of shooting into an occupied residence, two counts of attempted assault first degree, and one count of assault first degree.

All three suspects are being held without bond.

No further information has been released at this time. Stay with WDHN News as we keep you up to date on breaking news.