WIREGRASS, Ala. (WDHN) — Easter Sunday is a welcome chance to celebrate one of the year’s busiest days on the Christian calendar with family and friends.

“Special Day,” Interim Pastor at Webb Baptist Church, Dr. Jerry Windsor said. “This is I think the most important day in the Christian year.”

Churches around the Wiregrass welcomed familiar and new faces into their churches Sunday as they celebrated Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday is one of the most attended Sundays during the year as family members invite each other to celebrate. This can result in some people having to drive across state lines.

“We probably had people from four different states here today,” Dr. Windsor said.

Churches nationwide still stream their Sunday services, but this Easter saw more people attend in-person services due to the decrease in COVID-19 cases around the state

“It’s really good to me to see so many people here celebrating and worshipping together,” Minister of Music and Youth at Webb Baptist Church, Cody Irwin said.

As Christians worldwide celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, people remember how important the day is for their faith and others.

“And many of them are believers in Jesus Christ. So they come and they worship with us freely and enjoy worshipping with us as we do with them,” Dr. Windsor said.

Dr. Windsor also says that he is just happy to worship with fellow believers even if it isn’t every Sunday, but he does want to continue to see them as often as he can

“Also, I know that there are some dedicated people who take it very seriously and some can’t come every Sunday,” Dr. Windsor said. “We have people that do shift work, we have people who have members of their family who are ill. We are happy to have people once a year. We are just glad to have people in the Lord’s house.”