ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Elba Distribution Systems Company, better known as EDSCO held a 30th-anniversary celebration with a customer and employee luncheon.

The homegrown company is a supplier of nuts and bolts along with other hardware products for much of the Southeast.

This weekend marks 30 years since EDSCO first opened its doors. Daniel Stephens and his uncle Ed Gannon started the company in 1992.

The company manufactures nut and bolts and also imports hardware material which is shipped to building contractors and other businesses mainly in the Southeast, but in some instances, the product is shipped nationwide.

Daniel Stephens says “everybody said it was a recession that year and we were crazy and we couldn’t sell nuts and bolts and we thought as long as we kept a secret we would be all right. Just the two of us and were lucky enough to get some very good health.”

In 2011, Stephens sold the business to Carrie Whitworth. Initially, she started as a secretary with the company after graduating from high school in 1999. She has 20 full-time employees on the payroll to meet an ever-expanding customer reach.

Company president Whitworth says “this is a good way to get out and get everybody out and about. Our business slowed with price increases and just the shortage of getting stuff to know we can celebrate this is a big feat.”

Elba Mayor Tom Maddox says the company means a lot, especially for local revenue for the city, and a small business the backbone of America.

Maddox says “sell their products in a large geographical area and we’re just proud they are part of our business community here in Elba.”

In addition to nuts and bolts, the company has expanded into manufacturing a full line of industrial items such as industrial gloves, safety glasses, and even first aid kits and more.